Composable commerce: the new way to use vendors?

5 min read | January, 2022
We talked with Leandro Bertolami about composable commerce and how it applies diversified solutions from a single platform.
Composable commerce: the new way to use vendors?

Composable commerce refers to the trend in many companies to move from single vendors, which solved all ecommerce problems, to modular ones, where each area of the company can choose its own vendor to manage a specific area. The term was coined by Gartner in 2020.

You are never going to find a vendor that is the best in all areas.

What Leandro mentions refers to the benefit of thinking of more than one vendor that, by area, can define specific objectives and scopes that increase profitability, as opposed to a single vendor that can take care of all the scope that my product requires. This is how many companies develop their own system that, from differentiated vendors, generate a single system that encompasses them and through which they carry out their work.

Composable refers to the idea of leaving the unique and homogeneous ideas to start playing with several different ones that, ”like pieces of a lego” says Leandro, fit together to form a unique solution.

Advantages and questions of this system.

As for the positive aspects of this new way of working, we see a system that responds better and better to the highest demands of the market. Companies have increasingly higher requirements in terms of the products they intend to develop, and systems like this one, which incorporate more and better technology, allow ”to move forward in a more agile way”, says Leonardo.  

In addition, I can think of exclusive vendors by areas. I can hire the best vendor for, for example, content generation, one that exclusively deals with that area, and take care of this feature of my product in the best way. The same happens if the vendor I have been using becomes obsolete. I can change it without having to change all the work.

As for the questions, diversification brings a greater number of vendors, which means that what I used to solve with a single contract or vendor, is now multiplied by the number of vendors I use. In addition, integration between systems can also be a problem.

It is not the same to have one box that solves everything for me than to have many little boxes where I have to communicate with each other to build a final solution.  

This makes us think of composable as a way of working applicable only to already established companies, which reach a considerable level of development in these technologies, although it can also be applied to incoming companies that start their journey through these dynamics.  

Leandro Bertolami tells us about these and other details of composable commerce in our podcast. Listen to it here 

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