Why Pyxis&AnnexCloud?

Forming long-lasting customer bonds is key for brand success. By working closely with AnnexCloud we can bring more meaningful experiences, improving retention and growth. We share the same commitment in helping clients achieve their customer loyalty and retention goals.
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Why AnnexCloud?

Keeping your brand on the minds of your customer is something all brands strive for. But achieving this on an omnichannel reality is difficult.

AnnexCloud provides tools to engage with the customer over every touchpoint, from emails, websites, in-store, call-centers and customer support. With higher cost of aquiring new customers, having tools that increase retention, like a loyalty program, is a wise investment. Having a unified 360 profile of your customer, leveraging first-party data is essential to understanding their preferences and offering personalized experiences.

This powerful tools align perfectly with our customer's needs and complement our current offerings.

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