Why Pyxis & Divante?

Having a partner along the journey is key. That's why Divante is the right partner to leverage our SAP expertise together to be able to provide full end-to-end solutions to our customers. Combining Pyxis' expertise on complex solutions integration and Divante's expertise in PWA headless e-commerce, we can be sure to provide the best-of-breed [..]
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Why Divante?

We believe in the 1+1 >> 2 formula. That's why having strong an meaningful partnerships is something we love, and working with Divante made more sense than ever. Customers are looking into exciting shopping experiences, something that Divante can bring to the table with all their expertise (SAP Spartacus, VueStorefront, Open Loyalty) in the PWA landscape.

By bringing our 10+ years of SAP Commerce experience into partnership, we can provide our customers with more exceptional experiences on a strong platform. Not pre-packaded but tailored and tuned for their needs.

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