Pyxis Commerce Enabler optimizes development costs, quality and time-to-market.

min read | October, 2021
If you are thinking of implementing SAP Commerce in your company, Pyxis Commerce Enabler is a MUST HAVE, since it optimizes development costs, quality and time-to-market.
Pyxis Commerce Enabler optimizes development costs, quality and time-to-market.

It is a frontend PWA with an excellent time-to-market, ready for Latin America. Integrated with top tools to offer an Ecommerce with the best pieces to ensure an investment in technology that embraces the users and proves the true potential of companies in the online channel.

The SAP Commerce accelerators, generic stores ready to transact, have been for sure key pieces in achieving good time-to-market in new setups. But the expectation to lower these times even more is always present in new customers and has been further accentuated due to the COVID pandemic. Every time we need to shorten more the gap between the closing of an agreement and the customers getting their online store.

At Pyxis we have observed, based on years of experience setting up new B2C, B2B, B2B2C stores, that the projects that accompany these new setups have several common factors, such as the need for delivery costs per area or connecting with the most popular payment gateways in the region.

As these aspects, and several others, are external to the SAP accelerators, we see a clear opportunity to develop them in a generic way for new projects, reducing time and costs for our clients.

Another common feature noticed lately is that an e-Commerce setup never “lives on an island”. To classic integrations, essentials for the business, such as ERPs or PCMs, lately, there have been requests for others, that, not being part of the client’s operations, add value to the solution as a whole.

An example of this are the bookmarks for site usage analysis or CDNs for faster access to images. These and other integrations, differentiating elements at the time, are rapidly becoming basic requirements.

All this in a framework of hyper-personalization of the customer experience, where trends such as headless commerce and composable commerce are rapidly becoming new industry standards.

Under this context, we ask ourselves, is there a possibility of further “time-to-market” usual times shortening, with a headless and composable solution, adding value integrations and at an attractive cost?


Let’s welcome the Pyxis Commerce Enabler!


Commerce Enabler is a Pyxis product that shortens the TTM of a SAP Commerce Cloud installation to just 7 weeks by using its next-generation Spartacus headless accelerator and incorporating the main common aspects observed between installations:


  • Hierarchical address modeling
  • Delivery costs per area
  • Spanish / English Interfaces
  • Local currency / US dollar
  • Connection to the main payment gateways
  • Design and layout of transactional emails


It also includes several of the most useful integrations ready to use*, increasing its value proposition:


  • Analytics of use of the site by bookmarks: Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics
  • Identity, granting (consentimientos) and social login: SAP Customer Data Cloud
  • Loyalty programs: Annex Cloud
  • Improved transfer speed and image optimization: Piio
  • User’s journey information: Hotjar / Fullstory
  • Performance monitoring and optimization: New Relic

* Integrated systems may have license and / or service costs not included in Commerce Enabler

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