Pyxis CX partook in the Retail Innovation Conference

4 min read | June, 2022
Alejandro Mateo, Managing Director of Pyxis CX, visited the Retail Innovation Conference and Expo 2022 in Chicago, USA.
Pyxis CX partook in the Retail Innovation Conference

Last month’s event at Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center featured two exhibits, top-tier speakers, networking events, and concept stores. Created nearly ten years ago in a collaborative spirit among New York retail executives, today it has expanded to address the hectic needs of Retail’s diversified retail industry.

Alejandro Mateo, Managing Director of Pyxis CX, visited the event, toured its exhibitions, and apprised us about some of the high points “where the digital and the physical of the retail industry connect”. (phygital anyone!?)

The lead of the RICE was the content, framed in the new paradigm in which “e-commerce ceases to be a transactional site”.

In this context, it becomes a site “where the content is not accessory information, but is directly connected to the experience and defines the action of buying,” explains Alejandro.

Pyxis CX partook in the Retail Innovation Conference

This trend, aimed at hyper-connected customers, finds an ally in composable commerce: an architecture “with multiple platforms that offer particular solutions”, says CX Managing Director.

Products for content personalization, video purchase integration, digital marketing, product management, checkout process, allow you to select the right tool for the company’s context to provide a better experience.

The visit “was very enriching” Alejandro concluded because he could “discover platforms that provide support and solutions to the different components of the system” in this new e-commerce paradigm.

For Pyxis, this visit was important because it reaffirmed the projections and perspectives regarding e-commerce. Beyond “continuing to work with platforms that offer the complete solution”, there is an important offering to take into account to “give added value to the end customer, and be able to attack specific problems”.

After speaking with important actors of the event “the interest that Pyxis arouses with its experience and proposal, reassures that what we have been building is attractive.”

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