SAP Sapphire 2021 – What defines an intelligent enterprise?

min read | August, 2021
In June Pyxis team attended one of the world’s largest online event to date, - SAP’s SAPPHIRE. It was a a space to learn the re-think digital journey.  
SAP Sapphire 2021 – What defines an intelligent enterprise?

Over 500 sessions with 8 parallel tracks for few days covered  wide range of topics from supply chain to technology and HR, Customer Experience, new products such as Emarsys, Upscale and a lot more.

Hyper-personalization took the center-stage this year. It became crucial to in this new post-pandemic  ial to figure out how to build strong relations in a digital world, to personalize without being creepy.

“After attending almost every session on customer experience and technology on SAPPHIRE NOW 2021, I can confirm that hyper personalization of the client’s customer experience is key to the business success and is reaching new levels during the pandemic. Both the physical and digital worlds are merging experiences in a very natural and innovative way. It seems smart to be next to a technological partner that knows how to guide us through this journey”, says Leonardo Mena, Head of CX Product Development at Pyxis.

Understanding that what worked yesterday may not work today is very important in order to make the necessary changes and continue delivering on our promises, mentioned Anna   Pyxis’ Director of Business Development.

Change is a great unifying constant in everything and Tech in particular. Yesterday’s business practices do not meet today’s needs. The world has changed and so did our ways to interact, attend conferences, network and learn. Innovation requires both technology and people and once that formula is working your intelligent enterprise will stand up and stand out.

Change and agility is how to SAP introduces constantly its new products. This year’s Upscale and Emarsys are new tools that will help bringing in-store feel to the digital experience.

Finding the right partners is fundamental for every business, and for us it is in our DNA. For almost 10 years Pyxis has been working closely with SAP, mastering every new product and growing client-base.

SAP CX Solutions, such as Commerce, Cloud, Marketing Cloud, CDC and soon to be Upscale and Emarsys are part of our core services. Global brands across the world chose us as a trusted partner.

Get to know our team, we are looking forward to connecting.

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