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How long does it take you to close a site for looking unresponsive? When was the last time you bought on a site which had missing media or content not loading properly? Customer Experience is getting more demanding and right next to it, it is performance, which is getting more important by the minute, google search algorithm is even weighing in much more priority to fast sites.  Users used to top experiences when it comes to performance such as Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and ­­Google. Sites are expected to have this high-level performance and we can help you develop a top-performing site.

It will all begin with an assessment of your current status, our DevOps teams and cloud specialists use their tools to monitor where and how performance can be targeted. Afterward, with a prioritized backlog of issue vs priority, we move forward as a team to solve the desired and recommended issues.

Finally, several services can increase your performance by:

  • Fine tunning cache configuration
  • Using a content delivery network (CDN)
  • Edge web accelerator to cache the store as static pages for the most popular pages.
  • Optimizing images with css stylings
  • Reducing the amount of unused resources or resource size for each request

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