Most of the traffic that arrives at your e-commerce will be from either social media or search engines, working on how you are displayed in those channels is a key investment to drive growth in a more profitable and healthy way.
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‘High-Quality Lip gloss’, ‘sustainable jacket for women’ or ‘economic drill with charger’ may sound like regular searches but if it doesn’t end up in a purchase, most of the time there is money being left on the table, enhancing your chances to drive them into your site is the responsibility of your site’s traffic performance and SEO strategy, from that point forward there are so many things to do we may as well recommend you looking our COMMERCE SERVICE – CONTENT PERSONALIZATION SERVICE – MARKETING SERVICE.

From tips and tricks to a sustainable strategy, improving your “searchability” will mean cheaper SEM and an improved experience for those who are looking for stuff that involves you in the way you expect them to do it.

In case you already have an in-house SEO team or agency, we can dive in the technical issues while if you don’t, we can analyze your value proposal to target those who you need at the moment best considered for each touchpoint. Looking into a long-term strategy, SEO should be aligned with content personalization in order to either increase that customer lifetime value or by creating them a more personalized experience.

Several customers have trusted us with their SEO performance optimization which has always been a great experience on our side, feel free to reach out and discover how!

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