SAP Customer Data Platform

Omnichannel experience personalization, data transparency and governance (GDPR), as well as consumer privacy are trends driving the need to build trustworthy customer relationships. Discover which solution can help you
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SAP Customer Data Platform

SAP Customer Data Cloud is a solution that makes it easy to identify customers, centralize contact information, and manage their preferences, enabling companies to use data-driven insights to have a better understanding of their customers, interact with them with confidence, and keep the brand’s promises.

The continuous use of this solution allows you to increase your customer base and build trustworthy and personalized relationships with them, based on transparency and control of personal data.

SAP Customer Data Cloud consolidates the information from the different sources of the company: Ecommerce, CMS, apps, points of sale, CRM, Data lake.

The solution operates on three modules:

  • Identity. It allows you to connect with the users of your website and/or applications, and interact with your customers through different registration methods (RaaS and/or Social login). It proposes a progressive profiling facilitating the registration for the first time and enriching it in successive visits until achieving significant identities. It makes it easier for users to register with different authentication methods which increases registration rates.
  • Consent. Privacy management solution, management of preferences and consents in a transparent way for the user. It allows users to select the communication channels they want to subscribe to. Shows users what data was saved and provides the option to manage communication preferences. Consent vault contains an audit of the client’s agreement with the site’s policies and the version to which they consented. Supports compliance with data privacy laws.


  • Profile. This is the user profile data layer that is collected when you use the identity module or the consent module. Synchronize user data with third party platforms. With the IdentitySync tool, user behavior and data can be viewed, managed, and analyzed. The unified user database enables a holistic view of the customer to be presented. View reports and analysis of your customer base.

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