About us

We believe that happy people deliver successful experiences

Agile from DNA

We believe in agility and flexibility to empower change. We are convinced that digital transformation requires people capable of: offering quick answers, adapting to changes, being genuine, looking for innovative solutions and creating as a team.

Our Values

For some, stepping out of the comfort zone is just a trendy phrase, for others an inconvenience. For us, it’s a way of living on a daily basis.

We believe in enjoyable professional work, service vocation and synergy in every project.


Passionate engineers


Long-term implementations, complex B2B B2C – global.


Certifications in Customer experience, Commerce, Marketing & BA.


Professionals certified in agile methodologies.

Pyxis for humans

Pyxis for humans

Zero waste
We classify 100% of our garbage and recycle more than 80% in our offices. We also share some learnings to spread Zero Waste to the home. It is a way to transmit responsible consumption and respect for the environment.
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Enlace Solidario
We developed a software initiative with social impact in the context of Covid-19. A chatbot that connects people looking for help with institutions that provide assistance. 
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Programa + 50
This project consists of a 16-week training for people around 50 years old, looking to reincorporate into the IT ecosystem. We have done Quality Assurance courses as well as Functional Operator for specific platforms such as SAP Commerce and SAP Marketing.
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We are innovation

Our Offices

We are part of Pyxis, an ecosystem of companies that provide 360° solutions for multiple industries at the most demanding markets.

We have offices in 7 countries and provide services for clients globally.

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