SAP Marketing Implementation

Do you need to get more efficiency, results and more control in your marketing campaigns? We offer you a robust solution that will allow you to grow your business by automating campaigns and designing the best strategy with the best professionals.
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SAP Marketing Implementation

Our team has been working with SAP Marketing Cloud for 4 years, including the first implementation for LATAM and the first of e-mail Marketing in the USA. Clients in different countries of the Americas guarantee our accumulated experience and the capacity of a team that unites Technology with Business, implementing the solution.

How do we do it?

Based on our experience and a series of well-defined steps:

Discovery and Planning

  • Definition of Business Cases
  • Quality Data Selection and Data Integration *
  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Loading
  • Segmentations and Target Groups
  • Content Design
  • Campaign creation
  • Campaign Performance Reports
  • Go live

Training and Operation

  • Evaluation and Good Practices

Cases & Insights

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