Why Pyxis & Elastic Path?

Composable commerce is upon-us. With our partnership with Elastic Path, we can provide our customers with an API-first e-commerce cloud native platform that can adapt to their needs and help them overcome the barriers and complexities of a best-of-breed solution.
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Why Elastic Path?

When you think about your e-commerce platform, you must think across all channels. You are engaging customers anywhere they are, and you must provide the same level of experience in all of them. For this purpose, having a strong, API-first and omnichannel ready platform is a must.

Elastic Path offers a mature platform that can help our customers deliver a true omnichannel experience, with the ability to expand rapidly by adding new channels or new geographies while reducing the risks of complex composable-commerce requirements.

Our team loves the microservice architecture and the natural way the platform can integrate with other solutions to create a solution that makes sense to our customers. The speed we can delivery value is truly amazing.

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