Pyxis won first place in Hack2Build, SAP world’s leading hackathon

3 min min read | March, 2023
We are pleased to announce that Pyxis has won first place in SAP's most important hackathon, Hack2Build, the leading competition in technological innovation seeking to develop business solutions.
Pyxis won first place in Hack2Build, SAP world’s leading hackathon

For seven days, our team competed with SAP’s best partners and prospects using the SAP Business Technology Platform.  This award is a continuation of our success in the previous edition, where we took second place.

For the first time, this year’s SAP Global Hackathon was held in Latin America, and we are proud to have been recognized as a leader in technological innovation in this important competition.

Hack2Build is a rapid prototyping initiative to drive business process innovation. It is aimed at SAP partners, potential customers looking to create new solutions, business analysts, technology experts, and decision makers. 

This year’s challenge was to use the new platforms in order to build and extend processes using the low code/no code application (SAP Build). SAP Build is a low-code solution that helps accelerate development and automation and consists of three new platforms: SAP Build Apps, SAP Build Work Zone, and SAP Build Process AutomationSAP Build Apps, SAP Build Work Zone, and SAP Build Process Automation.  

The winning team consisted of Ricardo Sanguinetti, Renan de Souza, and Leandro Bertolami, who presented the development of an application that works as a solution to optimize prices in e-commerce using artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive models.  


“Our solution incorporates a feedback loop that allows AI to adjust prices based on additional information. This approach improves the accuracy and efficiency of our price optimization tool, making it a valuable asset for companies looking to improve their profitability,” commented Sanguinetti, Solution Architect & Consultant, CSM, CSD, at Pyxis. 


“Built on SAP Build Apps, our solution enables designated roles within the enterprise to provide feedback on pricing changes applied by AI and comments that are incorporated into the model in order to generate greater accuracy and efficiency. This feature facilitates collaboration by notifying users through SAP Build Process Automation and ensures model tuning, resulting in more informed and efficient pricing decisions,” he added. 

For Sanguinetti, using SAP Build Apps allowed them to develop a quick method to interact with AI and provide this new source of human-based reviews. “This increases the appeal of our AI product to existing SAP CX customers, rendering it an even more valuable asset for their e-commerce business needs,” he added. 

 “These instances are extremely productive because we continue to incorporate knowledge, learn new things, and implement new tools and functionality, allowing us to improve the value proposition we offer our customers,” Sanguinietti concluded. 


About SAP Co-Innovation Lab 

  •  SAP Co-Innovation Lab is a global SAP program that aims to foster innovation in collaboration with its customers, partners, and other organizations. The program provides a collaborative environment where participants can work together to develop innovative solutions based on SAP technologies. 
  • It offers technical resources, tools, and support to help develop and test innovative solutions in a secure and scalable lab environment. The program also promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing, enabling you to gain a better understanding of market needs and develop solutions that transform organizations into smart businesses. 

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