A Trusted Partner of Arc XP

Guillermo Segalerba
Guillermo Segalerba
Business Development Lead for North America
3 min read | February, 2023
For the past year, Pyxis has delivered innovative and custom solutions for Arc XP customers, making us a trustworthy partner of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) digital experience platform originally
A Trusted Partner of Arc XP

For the past year, Pyxis has delivered innovative and custom solutions for Arc XP customers, making us a trustworthy partner of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) digital experience platform originally built by and for The Washington Post. Today, Arc XP’s platform has expanded to enable enterprise companies, retail brands, and media and entertainment organizations across 28 countries to create and distribute content, drive digital commerce, and deliver powerful multi-channel experiences.

The U.S.-based company made its debut in the market delivering a holistic digital experience platform that enables businesses to leverage technology for their content strategy. Arc XP’s single-format, single-channel web delivery systems allow it to bring together stories across multiple formats and generate a highly productive workflow, resulting in a great experience on the web for customers and readers.

Pyxis’ partnership journey with Arc XP began in 2021. We worked closely with the Arc XP product team to deliver the enterprise e-commerce digital experience platform based on modern technology and proper business strategy. As Arc XP expanded its market, attracting more customers, Pyxis was well positioned to support Arc XP’s efforts to scale by providing its customers with custom development support.

Our successful track record in building ecommerce solutions made us a natural partner for Arc XP. As we familiarized ourselves with Arc XP’s digital experience platform, our enterprise, content, and commerce teams noted the platform’s huge potential given its extensive features, stable architecture, and flexibility, which empower users to achieve nearly anything. Today, Pyxis Java and React engineers are self-trained to provide solutions for the media, publishing, and ecommerce verticals, allowing our engineers to join and play critical roles in world-class projects.

In the early stages of Pyxis’ onboarding, the 10 team members completed the knowledge transfer phase and entered the stabilization period. Following the onboarding process, we worked on a marketing strategy and took ownership of four projects, which we executed with a 100% success rate. We are now currently working in two different regions: Latin America and North America.

“Working with Arc XP is always a delight, not only for us as partners, but also knowing that customers rely on their cloud solutions, professional work, and strong ethics to grow and embrace challenging scenarios. It’s no surprise that so many different world leaders in diverse areas have chosen them,” reflected Guillermo Segalerba, Pyxis Business Development Leader for North America.


Arc XP was attracted to the solutions offered by Pyxis based on our commitment to and extensive experience in delivering high quality innovative solutions in ecommerce.

  • For the past 12 years, we have provided excellent services in consulting, including CX roadmap, digital strategies, and commerce architecture.
  • With our strong core in execution, we efficiently provide high quality digital commerce transformation, including SAP commerce cloud, SAP marketing implementation, and SAP customer data platform.
  • We also offer growth services, including SAP-managed services, SAP commerce cloud migration, and SEO.
  • Our diverse and committed teams across the world strive towards excellence and quality. Looking ahead, we intend to expand our partnership and build upon the success of our work.
  • As Arc XP continues to scale, we plan to stand by them every step of the way, supporting their customers in building innovative solutions in the digital content space.

About Pyxis

Pyxis’s journey started in 2009 in Uruguay. It was founded by three friends who shared a vision of helping companies stay relevant in the rapidly evolving world of technologies. Today, Pyxis is an ecosystem of 7+ companies, with over 350 employees and a global reach. We achieved our success through investments in trust and collaboration.

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