All things Emarsys can accomplish for your business means everything Pyxis can assist you in achieving.

8 min read | December, 2022
Marketers are going through a challenging time. The stakes are high. Marketing professionals are being required to reach out to any client, at any time, with tailored experiences, regardless of
All things Emarsys can accomplish for your business means everything Pyxis can assist you in achieving.

Marketers are going through a challenging time. The stakes are high. Marketing professionals are being required to reach out to any client, at any time, with tailored experiences, regardless of channel preference.
This implies actual personal multichannel user experience. This is where Pyxis comes in handy.

Not only do customers demand this from marketers, but so do companies. To make matters worse, marketers are frequently pushed to implement an effective multichannel strategy that produces results in less time and with fewer resources.

If you don’t have the necessary technology in place to assist you, provide 1-1 omnichannel experiences, or if you don’t have the right partner to lead you through your inbound marketing strategy, this process may appear intimidating. And we know that many marketers today are encountering similar issues. Indeed, one of the reasons we are continually innovating is to enable marketers to meet the expectations of offering genuine Personalized multichannel interaction to everyone, everywhere.

Your clients should get the impression that every encounter they have with your business has been thoughtfully designed and is particularly customized to them as an individual. However, your marketing staff should not be overwhelmed with needing to accomplish it manually, one at a time.

The Emarsys Autumn Release 2022 includes new automation and customization capabilities and updates that make it even simpler to automate and provide highly relevant Personalized experiences at any scale. Here are a few examples:

Tactics for Consumer Products: pre-built, industry-specific automations in the Emarsys system — assist marketers in swiftly launching targeted campaigns. Introducing ten new methods in this edition to help you increase your customer lifetime value, including warranty expiration, product registration, post-purchase and warranty cross-sell.

Unified Status Across the Automation Solution: This UX enhancement clarifies the distinction between “pause” and “freeze” programs. As a consequence, marketers may deploy initiatives with more ease and consistency.

Personalization Rules Previews: Do you want to double-check your customization rules before starting a campaign? This contact preview tool simplifies validation, adds clarity, and aids in troubleshooting any customization difficulties.

Run Related AC Programs: Do you want to run your connected programs many times each day? You can do so immediately. Programs beginning with the “entry from program” node can now be triggered many times per day, and the built-in “wait” node is no longer available.

Get more time back in your day with program distribution. This enhancement eliminates the need to duplicate automated use cases across numerous Emarsys accounts. You may now replicate automation programs from one account to another, reducing the possibility of mistakes caused by manual reproduction.

As a marketer, you have a lot on your plate and little time. A clumsy UI will only delay you down if you’re working hard to get your latest 1 to 1 campaigns up and running.

The most recent user features and additions in the Emarsys Autumn Release 2022 enable you to get to work faster and then work swiftly, effortlessly, and precisely. Let’s have a look at a couple of them:

Self-Service SSO Enablement: You may now log in with a single sign-on. This improves the speed and smoothness of your account user’s log-in experience.

Adding New Languages: We’ve made an existing marketer-friendly customer engagement solution even more marketer-friendly for marketers in other regions of the world with this release. The platform now supports Japanese, Korean, and Brazilian-Portuguese language versions.

Unified Segment Overview: With the inclusion of a unified segment overview page, we’re getting closer to realizing our goal of unified segmentation. This allows you to easily browse and organize your segments, as well as swiftly alter or act on them as needed.

When your company is committed to engaging more consumers with omnichannel experiences, no matter where they are, teams across your organization must be coordinated. Data, channels, and technology must be completely integrated. Emarsys Autumn Release 2022 has new enhancements that help you to drive omnichannel engagement by making integrations easier. Among the updates are the following:

SAP Commerce Cloud Integration: This plug-in links your store to Emarsys and seamlessly syncs your customers, events, and goods to the platform for SAP Commerce Cloud users. With Emarsys strategies and personalization, standard e-commerce automations may be implemented faster and easier.

Account Engagement: Your consumers deserve consistent, relevant experiences, and if your customers are from other companies, you’ll want your sales and marketing teams to be coordinated and to share the same data to achieve this. This new add-on enables you to leverage SAP Sales Cloud data to nurture contacts by segmenting, engaging, and automating, hence increasing deal velocity, revenue, and lifetime value.

Finally, if you’re an Emarsys customer and all of this innovation excites you, the good news is that you can be a part of it! If you sign up to be a Product Pioneer, you will be able to influence and sample new features before they are generally available.

Last but not least we are really excited to announce that here in Pyxis we are already undergoing this processes and we have the very first three certified people on Emarsys, being Rafael Torrado, Yamilet Iglesias and Horacio García.

Here are some success stories SAP/Emarsys:


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