Pyxis went to the United States in quest of fresh enterprises.

5 min read | September, 2022
CX arrives in North America with exceptional technical capabilities to work on personal branding, improve customer interactions, and enhance transaction security.
Pyxis went to the United States in quest of fresh enterprises.

Guillermo Segalerba is an engineer who has worked with Pyxis for ten years, working his way up through the organization and becoming an integral part of this synergy. He gradually assumed new duties, beginning as a junior developer, and gaining technical abilities that allowed him to lead teams until he is now a Sales Rep for the United States and Canada in Pyxis CX. 

One of the key goals of Pyxis’ Digital Strategies team is to focus on integrating business and technology together to drive enterprises and provide added value. 

Technology is linked to business, demands, and the reason that technology exists within a certain organization. 

In terms of business offers, the goal is that the company begins to move in the same direction. Guillermo, representing the CX team, arrived in the United States with this motive. 

According to Guille, “by going down this route and performing some advising, it eventually became natural for the customers to start making sense for this business flair to be part of the commercial offerings since it benefited them a lot internally.” 

One of the primary goals of this tour is to show how this new manner of presenting capabilities affects the North American market, which differs from the Uruguayan market. According to Segalerba, in the United States, it is vital to develop repositioning plans and collaborate with smaller organizations such as regional banks, MSMEs, or seed-stage fintech.

“In Uruguay, we have an excellent reputation. We think that the road we have taken is the right one, as it is highly healthy and organic. We have always placed people first, without sacrificing the company’s development, therefore we expect that with these methods, we will soon be able to expand into new areas.”

According to him, “with Pyxis CX it is a bit different, in this block of ecosystem units we deal directly with clients who are generally solely CX and are quite major corporations in the North American and Latin American market.”

Companies’ globalization and the quest for new prospects in foreign markets promote positioning as a System Integrator in that field. Understanding this term as a systems firm that provides many options and solutions. A technical muscle for integrating systems and optimizing processes from many angles. 

This trip includes multiple meetings planned through the end of October, with the goal of generating new leads, strengthening connections, and expanding the Pyxis network of contacts in the United States. Another significant portion of the journey is dedicated to Pyxis CX, an ecosystem unit that already has an agreed-upon itinerary that includes visits to New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Chicago. 


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