Cybersecurity, digital crime and COVID-19

min read | November, 2021
We talked to Jorge Salazar, cybersecurity specialist, about digital crimes in the face of the massive use of digital platforms after the COVID-19 pandemic.
Cybersecurity, digital crime and COVID-19
Since March 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic, e-commerce has expanded in an unprecedented and unforeseen way. The rise of remote shopping and virtual transactions dragged digital platforms into a growth for which they were unprepared, which brought them great benefits, but also exposed them to great risks. Digital fraud, cybersecurity and virtual crimes became factors to consider when managing e-commerce platforms. We talked to Jorge Salazar, cybersecurity specialist and co-founder of Guayoyo, about this and other issues. Technology platforms were not prepared to receive all the traffic they received from one day to the next. Due to a matter of investment or priorities, security had not been an important focus. E-commerce was growing, but ''it was not prepared'' says Salazar about platforms that as they detected more and more problems, they could not stop to solve them because they needed to keep selling.

More queries, different problems

Queries increased, but not only because of the increase in cases, but also because insecurity was established as a problem and therefore more companies and servers were concerned about taking care of their platforms. Some companies were more concerned about 'this happened to me, now I need to correct it', but others with a different level of maturity came aware of the cybersecurity problems they may have'', says Jorge Salazar, exemplifying that the number of alerts not only increased the number of queries due to their specific case, but also put the issue on the agenda and transformed security into an added value. ´´When you make a purchase, you are not only buying the product or the service'' says Jorge Salazar ''you are buying trust''. From the user's role, it is evident that people will opt more for platforms that provide trust and security than for those that do not give me support, that do not provide guarantees. The treatment of information, trust and security become added values beyond the product or service I am acquiring. Learn more about cybersecurity by listening to the complete podcast by clicking here.

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