Social selling: the sales model is getting stronger

min read | February, 2022
Nowadays, with the use of social channels, ingruences and recommendations reach global scales and increase the opportunities to improve results for sellers and buyers.
Social selling: the sales model is getting stronger

Social selling is a sales model based on the use of digital social media. Having profiles on social networks is nothing new for brands, but having a store integrated into the networks is a new tool that has had a strong boost with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The objective is to generate credibility and establish emotional relationships with customers that facilitate the achievement of commercial objectives, enhancing the brand, generating leads and strengthening the relationship with consumers.

Social selling is not selling directly on social networks. If used correctly, of course, it can be a great boost to materialize online sales. It is a commerce strategy focused on offering more personalized and easier experiences at the time of closing the purchase. This is done, for example, by eliminating steps in the checkout process.

The system focuses on branding, on generating valuable content for potential customers and on relationships between people. It seeks to contribute to sales optimization and lead retention, because you will be offering a product or service to someone who is really interested in it.

What are the advantages of this sales model?

Lead generation is one of the main advantages of social selling. By providing the target audience with valuable content, knowing what their pain points are and making solutions to their needs available to them through social networks, you can attract potential customers. Linked to this is the issue of increased visibility.

There is also the direct contact with the purchasing decision-maker. With social networks, it is easier to find the decision-maker and find out how he/she prefers to be contacted, establishing a direct conversation with the potential customer without intermediaries.
Social selling makes it possible to obtain prestige in social media; if the product or service is of high quality, customers will know how to value it by spreading their good experience through opinions, comments or recommendations.

Another advantage is the low investment costs. Social networks have the advantage of being able to work them organically for free. It is clear that it is possible to make investments and in fact there are cases in which it is necessary to make them, but compared to advertising activities that are made outside the Internet, social selling will be less expensive and will certainly have a greater reach.

To learn more about this sales model, listen to Mercedes Comas’ column in our last episode of Ur.

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