The defense of the user experience (UX)

Victoria Perez
Victoria Perez
Software Engineer, UX Consultant
min read | September, 2021
Companies that develop products and services are beginning to agree on one thing: in order to attract and retain a user, it is necessary to provide them with a comfortable experience
The defense of the user experience (UX)

For some time now, companies that develop products and services are beginning to agree on one thing: in order to attract and retain a user, it is necessary to provide them with a comfortable experience. This is what Victoria Perez, an engineer from the Pyxis CX team, talks about in the last episode of UR.

According to Victoria, how people connect with the digital services and products they use, and establish their preferences about one or the other based on the experiences they offer, the emotions they generate, have a higher weigh every day. Thus, it makes sense that the focus when developing these tools begins to shift more and more to how their use makes people feel. ‘’ You’re going to get closer to a product if it makes you feel comfortable, you like it, it excites you, if you feel useful using it’’ says Victoria.

To continue in this analysis, we must differentiate two concepts that we usually confuse as one: usability and user experience. Usability responds to a more functional idea: how easy or difficult a tool is for me, if when I approach it and start an action, I find it easy to use. On the other hand, the user experience incorporates one more factor to the ease or not of using it that represents a tool: emotion. “You need people to trust, to feel safe when using the tool and then come back,” says Victoria. Involving the dimension of feelings brings us closer to the tastes of the person, and if we make them like the tool, we generate an experience in itself beyond the usefulness of the tool.

When thinking about how to build user experiences, you don’t have to think about the user, you have to put yourself in their place, analyze their emotions, their tastes; understand how you think, what stimuli and factors lead you to certain experiences and sensations. Through cognitive sciences, Victoria explains, applied to the user experience we not only understand their emotions, but we understand how to interpret different stimuli, we arrive at the brain constructions that are carried out to reach different interpretations of the experiences that the processes that lead to accepting my product are carried out. Designing a product cannot be just designing different colors or carrying out processes in fewer steps. It involves studying people and applying those experience processes to development, beyond the technical. It’s not systematizing and establishing standard processes, it’s thinking about the particularity of the experience and build, from that, a new experience.

The user experience in Pyxis

In the Pyxian ecosystem, user experience comes naturally. Maybe we don’t recognize it at first glance because we call it by another name, but the Pyxian culture is a clear example of the user experience. The experience of the person in their daily processes, the concern for enjoyable work seeks to translate that satisfaction into the achievements in the processes, generate differences in the products by building richer and more comprehensive processes in terms of the experience of those who are behind them.

Click here to listen to the full podcast and learn more about the user experience (available in spanish)

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