Pyxis won first place in Hack2Build, SAP world’s leading hackathon
We are pleased to announce that Pyxis has won first place in SAP's most important hackathon, Hack2Build, the leading competition in technological innovation seeking to develop business solutions.[...]
A Trusted Partner of Arc XP
For the past year, Pyxis has delivered innovative and custom solutions for Arc XP customers, making us a trustworthy partner of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) digital experience platform originally[...]
All things Emarsys can accomplish for your business means everything Pyxis can assist you in achieving.
Marketers are going through a challenging time. The stakes are high. Marketing professionals are being required to reach out to any client, at any time, with tailored experiences, regardless of[...]
Pyxis went to the United States in quest of fresh enterprises.
CX arrives in North America with exceptional technical capabilities to work on personal branding, improve customer interactions, and enhance transaction security.[...]
We’d like to share with you the history of our custom integration solution between SAP Marketing Cloud and WhatsApp.
A brief history of our custom integration solution between SAP Marketing Cloud and WhatsApp.[...]
After visiting SAP Sapphire 2022, we thought of sharing insights, SAP Commerce Cloud had a classic talk about it's current capabilities that reinforce their enterprise grade commerce status for 2022.[...]
Sapphire 2022 Keynote in 3 minutes
At SAP Sapphire 2022, SAP highlighted accelerating business transformation, disruptions, and sustainability as the main challenges that businesses face.[...]
10 years certifying us with SAP Certified Development Professional
Andrés Benech, Mauricio Calcagno, María Fernanda Cardona, Mauro González, Florencia Sacra and Gonzalo Labandera obtained the SAP Certified Development Professional.[...]
Composable commerce: the new way to use vendors?
We talked with Leandro Bertolami about composable commerce and how it applies diversified solutions from a single platform.[...]
Pyxis CX won the second place in #Hack2build, SAP’s global hackathon.
Pyxis CX won second place in the #Hack2Build organized by SAP with its project "Intelligent Data Enrichment Services (IDES)".[...]


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